Three in One

I have missed two days, so busy. Now I shall bundle these three days into one!
Day Nine – I am thankful for a place to call to call Home. A place to return after I have wondered.
Day Ten – I am thankful and grateful for Love, for I would be lost without it.
Day Eleven – I am thankful for knowledge, for the access find the truth. And the ability to understand it.

Wooo, soooo, that’s that. 😉


Guy Fawkes Day

The fifth, the fifth of November
Why should it be remembered?

The Gun Treason plot should never be forgot for the simply reason of freedom. It is a single point in history that stands for change. When the pain becomes so unbearable, there is a cry for change.

Day Five – Today I am thankful for my Freedoms

Me, Looking Forward

It has only three days into this little challenge of mine, yet I find I am struggling. On several times fronts. One being, looking to be positive, being grateful in difficult times. Another being, as I sit pondering I find so many things to be thankful for.

Day Three – I am thankful for somethings to look forward to 😊