Another Autumn Day

Finally fall has entered the picture, yet the heat that fills many of the days is awful. I long for the brilliant chill offered during this equinox. Falling leaves and barren landscapes shows signs of the coming winter, yet here I sit trying to cool myself. Oh, woe is me! A bit dramatic I suppose, I am just extremely weary of this wretched heat. 😖 ugh

Not to Sleep

What end to an unexpected weekend. I am really tired at the moment. I didn’t sleep much in the past seventy-two hours. Not because it is something I do often, at all as a matter of truth. There was definitely a method to the madness. I am not one to destroy my body and health with the lack of sleep. Then again that has been an issue any which way I suppose, a matter for another time perhaps. Just that this weekend was great helping my brothers and seeing them do great things. It is amazing how far they have come. Now, however, I wish to sleep for the rest of the week. Sleep well. 😴

Getting things Done

It is amazing the opportunity that will present itself when one works hard. Beautiful things begin to unfold. Of course, you then have to be prepared for the opposition that will raise its bitter head. You will have to fight to keep in the ring. Punch back. Anything that is worth anything must be fought for. Anything that comes with great ease will not hold much worth or satisfaction. Keep fighting.

Before the Dawn

I enjoy early morning. Such solitary moments inspire and revive me. It is one of the few times being alone does not feel like being lonely. Watching the early morning stars fade into warm glow of the new day is mesmerizing. I breath is the fresh morning air and feel brand new. As if I can take on anything. When the sun peaks over the horizon I almost feel sad. Hopefully there is tomorrow.

Today is Today

Today is like today and no other day. It is strange to think as each second passes it is gone forever, never to be seen again. So precious is each moment. So special. Even the things that cause us to have scars. With each battle come wounds. And yet with each battle that we survive comes experience. We gain so much more. My day today I ponder these things lost. The moments I missed because I was looking for somethings else. What are you looking for? What are you missing

Just trying

That may seem vague, however, I believe that describes my status rather well. Trying to live. To breathe. I am just trying to be me in this world that is telling I am all wrong. At least I am trying. At least there is that.